The Complete System

  • $65.00

Rodeo Drive is home to beauty procedure maximalism, so we decided this maximum offer should have this fitting name. All of our products are designed to fully compliment each other and interact for the most skin benefit. Our Derma Roller and Face Massager are the ultimate at home repair and firming techniques used on the West Coast. The hydrating serum is our must have item for everyday replenishment. Use the mask and eye patches frequently to incorporate a rejuvenated look. Everything about this offer is designed to help you achieve the fullest results and all the benefits of our hydration line.

What you get

Offer Includes (One Times Free Gifts and a Monthly Subscription):

  • Free Derma Roller (receive one only)
  • Free Face Massager (receive one only)
  • Hydrating Skin Serum (Subscription)
  • Hydrating Face Mask X 2 (Subscription)
  • Bio-Cellulose Under-Eye Patches X 2 (Subscription)