Face Massager

  • $19.95

This intensive face massager will make an excellent asset to any skincare routine – regardless of age. Providing an astonishing 9,000 vibrations every single second, this massager is believed to be an anti-aging powerhouse. Designed to aide in replenishing lost collagen and significantly tighten pores all over the face, you can achieve a look of youthful radiance without undergoing Botox, dermal fillers, or even a full-blown face lift. And in Los Angeles, we'd call that a big bang for your buck.

Batteries not included.

Why and how does it work?

The skin, made up of layers, has several blood vessels underneath the top epidermis. These blood vessels in the dermis are responsible for circulating oxygen and transporting necessary nutrients to skin cells. Facial massage has been shown to assist with the movement of the blood cells in these vessels, improving circulation. With certain amounts of surface area and pressure, such as with our facial massager, you can better reach the blood vessels in the dermis for that circulation improvement. This helps in the prevention of wrinkles because the skin is receiving the appropriate amount of oxygen. Also, the increased blood flow will tighten the skin and increase elasticity.

How to Use

We recommend moisturizing your skin before facial massaging using your preferred cream, lotion, or serum. Our favorite is, of course, our own Vitamin C Hydrating Skin Serum. Make sure the product is not too viscous on the top of your skin. Locate the power button on your Face Massager and, after turning it on, press the flat part of the massaging element to your face. Use this to gently distribute the rest of your product around your face and massage the facial muscles by keeping a slow but steady rubbing motion around the entirety of the face and neck (excluding the eyelids). You can do this for about ten minutes. Use an upward direction to normalize the oily sebum in your skin and absorb your serum or product to its utmost depth. Switch the Face Massager off when done and enjoy the relaxing vibes. Wipe the top of the Massager when completed. You can use your Massager twice a day if you like, but nighttime use after a moisturizing routine is paramount for helping in diminishing wrinkles.


Cleaning and Maintenance

As with any tool to be used on the skin, we do suggest cleaning your Face Massager with a cleaning solution (we like isopropyl alcohol) between EACH use. However, do be mindful of the vibrating mechanism with moisture. Battery powered equipment is always susceptible to wearing down and electric charges should be kept away from water sources. Wipe the massaging portion down with a damp tissue of cleaning solution to clean. Massager takes one AAA battery.