Derma Roller

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Our Titanium Derma Roller is the maximum length recommended by dermatologists for use at home or on the go (.25mm titanium microneedles). It can last almost indefinitely if properly cared for (read about our cleaning and maintenance suggestions before use). This product is specifically designed to help with collagen boosting, improving the look of scars, and increasing skin hydration through gentle skin stimulation.

Why and how does it work?

The skin, the largest organ of the body, has natural repair mechanisms which can be triggered intentionally through minor injury. With minor injuries, just like you’d see with a pinprick, the body replenishes old tissue with new. If you disrupt the defensive aspects of skin cells by puncturing them with microneedles, the body will receive that feedback and produce new collagen- rich tissue to replace the older cells. These new cells absorb moisturizers and serums more effectively and have sturdier cell walls capable of better moisture retention.

How to Use
  1. Sterilize roller before and after each use with an alcohol solution.
  2. Wash your skin well and then pat dry.
  3. Gently roll the tool in horizontal, diagonal and vertical directions over the desired skin area 4-5 times. Switch directions and repeat.
  4. Apply a serum or moisturizer.
  5. Use once a week and watch your skin start to glow! Enjoy youthful glowing skin!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Harmful bacteria can grow anywhere, and you definitely don’t want that on the ends of your microneedles. We recommend using an isopropyl alcohol solution to clean your Derma Roller. Saturate your Derma Roller after EACH use and allow time for the alcohol to evaporate from the roller before next usage. You shouldn't need to alcohol the handle, but it is recommended to have it clean if it touches any part of your freshly microneedled skin. Remember to roll gently over your face. You only need enough force as to gently prick the topmost layer of your skin. This should keep your needles sharp and doing their job for a long time to come.

Customer Reviews

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Though this is a straightforward product where you know what you're getting, I was still impressed. The packaging was really nice and the shipping was pretty fast. I use the dermaroller about once every couple weeks and it looks the same as the day I got it. I'd recommend.

What a great product!

I never thought this would work as good as it does! It is definitely worth it!