The Coolest Makeup Trends of 2019!

“Euphoria” Diamond Eyes

2019’s Euphoria is generation Z’s shining star of television. Whether you love it or hate it, Euphoria has opened the doors for everyone to try fun pops up color and glam. Euphoria’s makeup department was heavily inspired by high fashion runway makeup and excelled at making it wearable for everyday life. Our favorite trend from the show is diamond eye decor!

Orange Blush

Perfect for summer, but we don’t see it cooling off for winter anytime soon! Peach tones have been a huge must for the entire past year, combined with sometimes fake freckles and even YELLOW blush as well to blend.

Contour Blush

Blushed out contour has been hitting the main streams yet again! If your’e a fan of Grace Jones and 80’s makeup culture, you’ll remember this trend well. Hues of bright pinks and purples are a great way to blend contour into your eye makeup while giving a bold statement.

Bleached Brows

Nothing screams high fashion quite as loud as bleach brows. If you’re brave enough to pull these off- please do! This is a great way to make you eye makeup pop instantly. Bleached brows are best paired with smokey black liners and even spidery mascara. Cat eyes are a MUST for this look!

Abstract Liner

If you’re feeling bored of color, pop some lines around your crease or even under your eye for a fun way to heighten your style. This look can be subtle or even glamorous depending on if you keep the rest of your face minimal or if you love to go hard in the paint!