Cheap and Natural Tips To STOP Aging!

Aging is inevitable, and in the past only the richest of people could attain beautiful skin. Luckily, today’s skin care market is better and cheaper now more than ever before! Natural ingredients have been sky rocketing to the top brands of skincare lines, because sometimes natural IS better! Here’s some ingredients and tips on how to achieve the healthiest, glowing skin!

Ditch the steamer!

Steamers are great at opening up pores and allowing your skin to breathe, but did you ever think about how steamers could potentially let in BAD air? Steamers are hard to clean, leading risk to have bacteria filled steam invited into your pores. The most sanitary way to steam your face is easier than you think; just use a warm wet cloth. The clean cloth ensures no bad air can enter your pores. Even renowned facial salon HeyDay ditched the steamers, they refuse to use them and only use warm clean washcloths during their facials.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is more important than we think. Sure, we know it’s good for us, but did you know it can actually HALT aging? Vitamin C serums help penetrate deeper levels of your skin, and actually STOP the sun from damaging those layers! One of the biggest villains of wrinkles (besides time) is the sun, and the sun can rapidly cause aging if you aren’t well protected. Using Vitamin C on the daily helps protect you from harsh UV rays, and leaves your skin silky and glowing.

AVOID Walnut scrubs!

Harsh exfoliants were once marketed to us as helpful to remove dead skin cells and fight acne (Ahem…St. Ives) but that’s simply not true! When you use nut scrubs, the harshness of the pieces actually cause abrasions that are terrible for your skin! Kylie Jenner recently came under fire herself when she released a walnut scrub in her latest skin care line, causing an outcry from the public. Believe us when we say…Kylie Jenner does NOT use that scrub on her own face. These bits will cause blood vessels to swell and scarring on your face. Need an exfoliant? Use gentle ingredients, even honey and sugar.

Oil up!

Personally as someone who has suffered from acne nearly my entire adult life, I scream at the thought of ever putting oils on my skin. However, I recently learned I was wrong. I always assumed oils would clog my pores, but that isn’t the case. Our skin NEEDS hydration, and certain oils can help that! Using argan oils, almond oils, or any facial oil can help lock in moisture, letting your skin stretch without causing wrinkles. Take it from me, I can’t go back to not oiling up my face!


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